• Rich & Famous: Members of Illuminati

    If there is a society then it will definitely have members. When Illuminati was formed in 1776, it is a rule for being the member or follower of Illuminati one has to take an oath. They made this clear that they will have to follow their superiors with respect. They will perform their duty with dedication and secrecy. Being the founder of the Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt was the leader and the superior power. The followers of the society began to spread their objective and mission resulting into the increase of members of Illuminati.

    Earlier they began like volunteers whose objective was to help each other. Gradually, with the passing of time, Illuminati started becoming more powerful societies that work by hiding their identity thus became secret societies. As illuminati need to be monetary strong thus they comprise of businessmen, politicians, actors, actresses, religious leaders etc. Politicians like Xavier von Zwack, Johann Wolfgan von Goethe and Ferdinand are the members of Illuminati. The reason of being powerful is its powerful members. Earlier, when the society was formed it consisted of only five pupils and all of them were somehow affiliated to Catholic Church.

    They wanted to dominate the world and control the economy of the world. There is a long list of Illuminati members. Lets name some few according to the year. From the year 1776- 1787, Jacob Friedrich von, a professor of philosophy, Ferdinand M, a Physician, Banffy, a governor of Transylvania, Thomas Maria De, a Court advisor, Johann Jaochim Christoph, a musician, Kressel Baron, a vice Chancellor of Bohemia, Franz George, a counselor in Eidistatt, Poelffy Count, a chancellor of Hungary, Riedl, a councellor at Munich, Joseph, a philosopher, Sonnenfels, a lawyer and a writer in Vienna, Georg Conrad, a Chancellor at Ratisbon, Johann Philip von, an Ambassador at London to name some. The other famous celebrities like Michael Jackson, Princess Dianna, Martin Luther King, John F. Keneddy were known to the Illuminati members.

    It is also said that the current President of USA the Barack Obama is having connections with Illuminati but many of them are proved wrong. As he played an important role in bringing New World Order as a solution to the problem of economic crises he made everyone believe strongly that he was an Illuminati member. The other plan of uniting USA, Canada and Mexico into one as North American Union frightened the people and made the believe much stronger. There are 100s and thousands of Illuminati groups that anyone can join by filling their application form which is easily available online.

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