• Origin and features of Illuminati

    Illuminati is derived from a Latin word which literally means enlightened. Basically, illuminati is a group of eminent people some of them are real and some virtual. It all started with a clandestine society known as Bavarian Illuminati. However, now in the modern concept illuminati denotes to a group of conspirators that aim towards establishing a New World Order by masterminding and taking control of all the major events and happenings around the world.
    It was way back on May 1, 1776 that the group came to being in Ingolstadt. Initially, there were only five members of the group. It was a group of wise people who could rightly called free thinkers or enlightened. The members of illuminati then took the pledge to be obedient and respectful to the superior members. There are three main classes into which the members of illuminati are being divided.

    In the ancient times the illuminati was also known as Bavarian illuminati. They used to follow a particular set of thought which is referred to be “illuminism.” The group comprises of highly influential people with the intelligence level par excellence. There were many renowned politicians who were the members of this group. Now, the order is well-established with branches all across the European nations. The number of members has gone up to two thousand. Several prominent personalities had chosen to be a part of Illuminati. There are literary men like Johann Gotfried Herder who became the member of illuminati.

    The illuminated group is a bunch of highly intellectuals who posses secret knowledge. What adds to the intricacies is that what holds true for one member may not be true for another. They are such a powerful and influential group that they have taken control of all kinds from the post offices to retail stores and have bend them to their interests. The group has several agents that are placed almost at all the places. There are some active members of this group that participate in every act of conspiracy. The interesting thing about illuminati is that they take control of schools also so as to ensure that all the youngsters can enjoy the melodious music. Also, the group always endeavors to recruit only the best and the most intellectual people as their agents so as to ensure the continuation of another generation. Also, the group takes up fight with the other groups and among themselves also. Illuminati is responsible for some of the most well-known assassinations. They are also known to give threats to their foes.

    The group is also known for the recruitment of look-alikes. They are known to have mastered the art of cloning that would help them to replace any member of their group. They have planned hundreds of conspiracies. The members of this group make constant attempts to rewrite the history in order to fulfill their objectives. Moreover, they have control over news media and television therefore you get to hear only those things what the illuminati wants you to listen.


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