• Introduction about Illuminati | What Is The Illuminati

    Illuminati means to enlighten, which is the name that has several groups associated with it. These groups are both fictitious as well as historical. In today’s time this is the name of purported conspiratorial organization. This organization is said to control world affairs and is a mastermind behind several events to begin a new world order. The founder of this secret society is Bavarian Illuminati who started this organization in May, 1776. Initially this organization had just five members but now the number has increased to more than 300 members. When Karl Theodor became the ruler of Bavaria, then he and his government banned every secret society prevalent at that time including the Illuminati.

    As a result of this ban, the organization was ruptured and because there was no succession to it, the downfall of the society took place. In 1780, reorganization was held where Adolph Freiherr Knigge who was a Lower Saxon noble joined the group. In the new society of Illuminati the members had the power to choose Freemasons. The moral system of the Illuminati was their most valuable secret. This system had already been practised inside the organization and it was time to apply it to the outer world. Now many modern Illuminati have been started. These groups don’t directly call themselves the followers of Illuminati but they practise its aim.

    Some of the main targets of the Illuminati organization are given below-:

    • To establish new world order and this will include the monetary system and church to run under its directions.
    • To make the one world government work, destruction of national pride and national identity is important.
    • They should create their own religion and cause the destruction of all the other religions.
    • Controlling each and every person by using their minds and creating human-like robots. Creating a terror system which will look like playing children.
    • Ending all industrialization systems and suppressing the production of electric power by nuclear generation.
    • To eventually legalize by encouraging the drug usage, pornography making that will become widely acceptable and common.
    • Bringing about depopulation in large cities.
    • All scientific developments should be suppressed and nuclear energy should be used for peaceful purposes.
    • Demoralize the workers belonging to the labour class and thus weaken the moral support of the nation. Create unemployment throughout the nation as a result of which there will be no growth in the country.
    • The people should decide their own destinies by managing crises on their own. As a result of which the mass will be confused and get demoralized.
    • Bring in new cults and boost the already running rock music bands like Rolling Stones, and so on.
    • Build the Christian Fundamentalism culture that was started by British East India Company.
    • Spreading the religious cultures like Moslem Fundamentalism, Moslem Brotherhood, the Sikhs, and so on.
    • Religious liberation ideas should be exported all around the globe so that all existing religions can be undermined.

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