• Illuminati Secrets – Are They Real?

    In Latin the meaning of the word illuminatus implies “enlightenment.” illuminati is the society of enlightened group. If you ask what is the illuminati then it can be said in simple terms it is supposed to be a conspiratorial society that has the power to rule the world. It is said that all the important affairs of the world are decided and run by the illuminati. The illuminati word refers to the ancient society known as the Bravian Illuminati.
    It is said that Bravian illuminati is a secret society that consists of intellectuals and politicians from all over the world. It is said that behind the sudden death of Marilyn Monroe, Brian Jones, Michael Jackson and many such famous celebrities is the deed of the illuminati society. The conspiracy theory of illuminati purports that it is a group of extremely intelligent and influential people who either try to run the world or aim to control the happenings of the world. They also make efforts to solve the crisis on their own terms and conditions.
    Many people wonder what is the illuminati all about? There are many ideas behind the illuminati theory that vary a lot from each other. Hence it becomes difficult to summarize a single illuminati conspiracy theory. However, the most popular theory suggests that illuminati is the name given to the secret society that was formed by the directions given by Jesuit priests. From each point of the pentagram a council of five men of the illuminati was selected. The council formed was known as The Ancient and illuminated Seers of Bravaria.
    These men were assigned the task of developing the powers of mind and were fully involved into mental disciplines. Behind the name of the lord they were trying allegedly to dominate or rule the world. It is supposed that illuminati is the main driving force behind the concept of global government and unified control over the economic system. The important members of the illuminati society belong to the most prestigious group like the World Bank, international monetary fund, United Nations etc.
    Illuminati is the force that plays with the minds of innocent by manipulating their belief. Everything in the media, press, educational syllabuses etc is manipulated by the illuminati to achieve their purpose of new world order.
    It is believed that the illuminati is a very real organization that even has an illuminati symbol. The illuminati symbol is known as the All-Seeing Eye. It also is one of the most important sign of knowledge that resembles the opening of the eye to view the reality. It is also said that the all Seeing Eye is the sun and symbolizes the omniscience of God. In the symbol the person who receives the illumination and has attained cosmic truth is known as the illuminati denoting enlightened ones. The all-seeing-eye symbol can also be seen on the dollar bill. Just below the symbol of the illuminati eye/pyramid Novus Ordo Seclorum words are written. On translation these words mean a new order of the ages.


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