• Illuminati—A Suspicious Group | What Is The Illuminati

    Do you aware of secret group exist in universe which is expected to last even after the end of existing beautiful world? Are there any groups working on their own principles and want to create its own world order? Belief in these forces by individuals is still a matter of discussion. One can not deny or accept the existence of Illuminati group as none has seen them yet. Plural of Latin word illuminatus, illuminati word came into knowledge of society when Bavarian illuminati, a five member group of enlightened secret persons, was formed on May, 1, 1776 in Upper Bavaria. The organization was considered to have been created to take over the entire control of world through government and corporations with aim of creating a parallel world order of their own wishes.

    The devil forces were said to be working by hiring the souls of intellectuals from all fields. These forces were supposed to capture selective dominants that were performing best in politics, education, science, management, trade and every walk of life. They made their souls to act as per their wicked wishes. They didn’t hesitate in creating troubles for mankind for their lugubrious desires. The organization spread in Europe by leaps and bounds. It got broken due to internal clashes but regained strength. Each member was committed to secrecy and obedience to his senior. Group was interested in establishing another estate by introducing their members in government and was against the traditional values prevailing in society.

    Due to its anti establishment values it was banned and discarded by authorities several times. Even Pope Pius VI asked its followers to shun its membership as it was against the teachings of God. Their conspiratorial believes, though intellectual thoughts were considered harmful to society. Their initial soul aim was to liberate the mankind from the clutches of monarchs and kingdoms. They asked their members to adopt secrecy in their working and be obedient to seniors. Seniors were also asked to do a rigorous monitoring of their activities to achieve their goals in quickest possible time. The members adopted the technique of questioning the consciousness of individuals to free them from the influence of churches so that their wicked principles may find place in society.

    Despite gaining association of intellectuals and philosophers, group could not change prevailing values. The opponents, rulers and churches were strong enough to crush their activities. Though they went on showing their presence in society but even their strong holds could not utter courage to defy the existing regime. Still question is unanswered and we can not pinpoint who is their associate. Those who were suspected denied their links with satanic forces. More and more findings about their existence will reveal the truth in the coming years.

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