• Few Ways To Join The Illuminati

    (1) We’ve finally uncovered the mystery of how to join the Illuminati secret society! All of these years of secret handshakes, conspiracy theories, and pyramids and we’ve finally found out the membership requirements.
    Hip-hop has taken over Illuminati and since the people of the underground say that Jay-Z is the leader, we guess that means that we should follow in his footsteps. Rapping isn’t easy and neither is world domination. If rappers can do it, why can’t we? Thanks to us, the answer is now you can.
    After having a dream about the Illuminati, we here at GlobalGrind were given a distinct and very specific vision of 10 simple ways of joining the very exclusive secret society.

    (2) If you follow these steps, which are in no particular order, we promise that you’ll receieve a letter in the mail from Jay-z himself granting you membership! Here are 10 things you can do that will increase your chances of becoming a part of Illuminati!

    (3). Always carry a dollar bill in your back pocket…not in your front pocket…your BACK pocket!

    (4). Shake someone’s hand firmly. Particularly a rich white guy’s hand. But if that’s not possible…Delonte from around the way will do just fine.

    (5). Go to your local seamstress and get a triangle stitched on the back of a cute black jacket.

    (6) Capture a bald eagle.

    (8). Dress up as drag queen or become a monster.

    (10) Take a picture of ONLY 1 of your eyes, and then photo-shop a triangle around it.

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