• Answer to What Is the Illuminati?

    When people come across the word illuminate then the first question that comes to their mind is what is the Illuminati? The explanation to this question is explained here. Illuminati are a collection of many groups and their conspiracy theories. The word Illuminati means light which can be further modified and said as people of the light. These groups are highly influential in this modern world. Originally the Illuminati were a radical group that was founded by Bravaria in 1776 as a result of which similar groups had started to rise in various other countries. Many intellectuals and politicians are a part of this secret society. It was also thought that the Masons’ society also had close ties with the Illuminati group.

    Since many Illuminati group members were atheists so some Mason groups had also joined this society. According to the historic details about these groups the European Illuminati group were much advanced thinkers and reflected philosophy and humanism. The power that the churches and the nobility exerted on the people was greatly opposed by these Illuminati groups. In the early years of its foundation, the Illuminati society had approximately 10 branches spread all over Europe. In the year 1795 the Illuminati secret society fell apart. It has a close relationship with the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is asserted that the secret society is still prevalent which casts an extraordinary effect on the government.

    According to some historians it is believed that some of the members of Illuminati include Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. The Illuminati have played a significant role in some of the major events that have occurred in the history. It is also said that some presidents and British Monarchy members were also a part of the secret society group. According to some theorists, the Illuminati still exist and they work to make a New World Order. They believe that the Illuminati’s said that the world will be ultimately destroyed by science. The Illuminati teaching say that the government should be destroyed by working inside it. In this way the sovereign integrity can be destroyed. The target of Illuminati also included that the education system of America should be destroyed.

    Some awful things which can be noticed about the secret society group is that anything which is said about them can be true for some members while it can be false for the others. This leads to confusion and mystery among the group members. The Illuminati take over all kinds of organizations including the government, the post offices, the churches, and so on. Their agents and sleepers are spread everywhere while some of its members are deeply working inside a society. They believe in recruiting the most talented young people to ensure conspiracy for the next generation. The worst part is that it is believed that some of the Illuminati members have magical powers and have dolls and pins. The people of secret society can send secret messages by newspapers or airwaves.

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